Our Wireless Network
is now available to most of
the Illinois valley!


Fixed-wireless connections use a series of antennas to exchange data at a high speed. Compared to a high-speed modem connection, which affords a download speed of only 56 Kb per second, the power of a wireless connection is striking. By placing an antenna in a window or on your rooftop, or in a tree that establishes a wireless path to a CaveNet tower, you'll gain cost-effective, high-bandwidth access to the Internet. Please feel free to call us with any additional questions. (541) 592-6440.

  • No Monthly Telephone Charges.
  • No telephone lines required!
  • No Busy Signals!!
  • No CSU/DSU required.
  • No Metered Usage Fees!
  • No Hidden Monthly Fees!
  • Not effected by weather!
  • Wireless Service is networkable.
         (You can connect multiple computers)
  • COST:

  • Lifetime equipment lease fee $275.00.
    (this is a one-time fee non-refundable after 30days.)
  • There is a $100.00 fee for tree installs.
  • All of our service plans have been updated. We now offer a variety of speed and budget options. Please contact our office for details and availability of the plans in your area.
  • A computer with a network card. (Ethernet card) or 802.11 wireless capability.

  • Wireless path to a CaveNet Tower.

  •      1. CaveNet In town
         2. 8 dollar mountain
         3. Takilma Rd 2.5 miles from Holland Loop
  • To connect you will need a router.

  • Routers are not included in the lifetime equipment lease fee, they are a separate purchase and the responsibility of the client. If you wish to purchase a router from us we also now offer a router assurance program for $4.95/mo, providing replacement routers as needed for no additional charge.

  • Ethernet Cards, cables and routers are also available at TC Computers

    Wireless System News and updates. If your service is down and you have connection through a Smartphone you can check our Facebook page or save the link below to your favorites, We post updates as often a possible.

    Cavenet Wireless Updates

    • Fill out the form, call us 541-592-6440 or come by the office (223N Redwood Hwy)
    • .
    • CaveNet will do a free site survey to be sure that your location will work.

    • CaveNet will contact you when the survey is
           complete with the results positive or negative.
    • Surveys are not completed in bad weather, it
          may take up to 2 weeks before we are able to complete your survey.
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